Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the sweet far thing

i had been really wanting to get to the end of gemma doyle's story in libba bray's the sweet far thing. gemma is the holder of the magic of the realms. two factions, the order and the rakshana are willing to do anything to steal that power from her and gemma alone must decide the fate of realms.

so the sad thing is, i got really bogged down in the middle of this book. it was action packed to be sure and there were lots of mysteries to be solved and questions to be answered. i wanted gemma's romance with kartik (an indian and former member of the rakshana) to sort of get on with it. i found myself even skimming pages just to see when the plot would really move along. but as it got closer to the end, my attention returned and i was really satisfied with the ending.

gemma's character really fleshes out in this book. you see a side of her that is unpleasant...selfish, a little greedy, using her magic quite irresponsibly. but she really struggled to figure out what was the right thing to do. it was worth the middle to get to the end.

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