Monday, May 19, 2008

mrs. armitage, queen of the road (h.c.a. #2)

mrs. armitage is quite the go-getter. when her motorcycle-riding uncle gives her his old car, mrs. armitage (who looks to be in her fifties or so from the illustrations), jumps in with her dog breakspear and immediately begins crashing into things, shedding car parts ("who needs it?" is what she keeps asking her dog) everywhere she goes until she's left with wheels, a motor, the steering well, and seats. in the end she meets up with her uncle and his buddies who outfit her in proper riding style. emma (my four year old) like this story. quentin blake won the hans christian andersen award for illustrations but i am not a huge fan of his style. he illustrated many of the roald dahl books and while the pen and watercolor style is fun, he's not one of my favorites. fun story though, i'd check it out from the library again.

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