Wednesday, June 11, 2008

lydia, queen of palestine (h.c.a. #5)

uri orlev's (an h.c.a. author) novel about a young girl who is sent to palestine as romania becomes increasingly dangerous for Jews during WWII caught my interest because of its setting - the Holy Land has always been one of my favorite places to read about. lydia's father and mother separated and he emigrated to palestine with his girlfriend who lydia calls "that woman." lydia's mother sends her to a kibbutz, a Jewish settlement/commune where everyone works and lives together as a matter of survival. lydia has to cope with life situations that kids today face - family difficulties, distant relationships, trying to find out how to fit in and learning to accept her parents for who they are and loving them despite the mistakes she thinks they have made. this book was not a real page turner, but it was interesting and an easy read.

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Corinne said...

I thought the premise of this sounded really interesting too