Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dream-Maker's Magic (Y.A. Challenge #6)

In an unnamed kingdom there are people with unusal gifts - the Truth-Tellers who cannot lie, the Safe-Keepers who cannot reveal the secrets that are told to them, and the Dream-Maker (there is only one at a time) whose very presence can make a person's strongest wishes come true. The third in a trilogy by Sharon Shinn (The Truth-Teller's Tale and the Safe-Keeper's Secret are the first two), The Dream-Maker's Magic begins with the story of Kellen. Kellen is a girl but her mother is absolutely convinced that she gave birth to a son and treats Kellen like a boy in every respect. Kellen's father gives up her mother and Kellen and her mother struggle to make it on their own, eventually opening up their house to boarders to make ends meet.

When Kellen begins school she meets Gryffin, another outcast who has deformed legs but a sharp mind. Their relationship develops as they both try to make their way in the world.

I enjoyed all three novels in this trilogy. Kellen and Gryffin were both likable and flawed - believable. While the Kellen and Gryffin certainly had their trials, there was not much suspense for me - I never wondered whether or not everything would turn out okay for them. The end was predictable; however, I really enjoyed the journey to get there.

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