Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Light-Bearer's Daughter (Y.A. Challenge #8)

This is the third in the Chronicles of Faerie series by O. R. Melling. The books don't have to be read sequentially but I think I having read the first ones gave me a better understanding of the setting and the ins and outs of the Faerie Court.

Twelve year-old Dana grew up in Ireland with her dad - her mother dissapeared when she was 3. Her father was Canadian born and he decides to leave Ireland and head back to Canada, a plan which Dana vehemently disagrees with. When Dana meets a strange lady in the forest she is sent on a quest to deliver a message to the Tanaiste, the second in command to the High King of Faerie. If she fulfills her charge she will be granted a single wish...and what Dana wants more than anything is to find out what happened to her mother.

I have to admit this one didn't thrill me as much as the first two...I really liked Hunter's Moon and the story didn't hold me the way that one did although I really enjoyed the twist at the end.

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