Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Magic Lessons (Y.A. Challenge # 7)

Magic Lessons is the second book in the Magic or Madness Trilogy by Justine Larbalestier. In the first novel, titled Magic or Madness, a fifteen year old Australian girl named Reason learns that she has the ability to do magic. Unfortunately for her this means that she will either die very young (if she uses her magic) or go insane if she doesn't. Her mother chose the second option and is institutionalized while her grandmother has figured out a way to extend her life by using tiny bits of magic regularly.

Reason befriends Jay-Tee (a girl from New York) and Tom (who is being trained by her grandmother) and the three of them must stay ahead of Jason Blake, an evil sort of guy who wants to drain them of their magic while a frighteningly, impossibly old man seems to want Reason for reasons of his own.

Since I read Magic or Madness I liked how magic functions in Justine Larbalestier's world, how it seems not to be a good thing...something that only brings danger. There is also an interesting little love triangle development between Tom, Reason, and Jay-Tee's brother Danny and I always like a little romance, even though it is very little in this case. The only thing about this book that I found myself not liking was Jay-Tee's constant harping on Reason about her use of Australian slang. It got sort of repetative. But I did like the story and will for sure read the last one.

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Darla D said...

I enjoyed this one, too - particularly the rules of magic, the way it works - and, as you say the fact that it's not necessarily a good thing!