Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Swan Maiden (YA Romance Challenge #6)

I have read many many fairy tales in my time...but I had never heard this one. I guessed when I first put the book on my reading list that it would somehow connect with the Wild Swans tale...not so.

Doucette's two older sisters are Swan Maidens - girls who were born with a swan skin who can not only transform into swans but work magic as well. Doucette is stuck being the responsible third daughter who will someday marry and run her parents estate. More than anything she wishes she were a Swan Maiden and able to fly away from the criticism of her mother and the boredom she feels at the thought of doing household tasks for the rest of her life. The only thing that brings her a hint of happiness is talking to Jaume, one of the shepherds.

But everything in Doucette's life changes the instant she discovers a hidden swan skin and decides to fly away.

Oh how I loved this book. It was a one day of the stay up until it's so late your eyes hurt reads. Doucette was such an interesting character - she had aspirations and failures and desires and disappointments. She just didn't know herself. So typical of young girls. Even when she had what she thought she wanted she doubted herself. She loves Jaume but finding out she is a Swan Maiden changes their relationship in ways that may be irreparable.

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