Friday, December 12, 2008

Wicked Lovely (YA Romance Challenge #4)

Melissa Marr's urban fantasy features Aislinn, the mortal girl who sees faeries, and Keenan, the Summer King of the faeries. Keenan's mother, the Winter Queen, is determined to see her son's power fade. For Keenan to save his Court, he must find the Summer Queen - a mortal who must risk becoming fey to find out if she is the one. Aislinn quite likes being mortal and, with her best friend Seth, must figure out a way to help Keenan and keep her own independence.

Wicked Lovely was a great romance. The faerie story was just dark enough and the ending tied enough loose ends to not be irritating while waiting for the next one, Ink Exchange, which I plan on reading at some point.

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