Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blood Red Horse

William and Gavin are the sons of Sir Thomas de Granville and they live during the time of King Richard's Crusade to the Holy Land. Ellie is Sir Thomas' ward and promised to Gavin. Hosanna is a red colored courser horse, William's ultimate friend and joy. When William, Gavin, and Sir Thomas are called to the crusade, Ellie is left at home and Hosanna will change the lives of Christians and Saracen's alike.

I can't remember ever reading a YA book about the Crusades, but this first in a triology by K. M. Grant has me quite excited to go check out the other two. The characters are multi-dimiensional and well developed, the story moves quickly with lots of action, and there is some romantic tension weaved through out just to add a little something extra. Hosanna is almost magical but not so much that it is irritating or takes over the story. The Muslim and Christian characters are protrayed with sensitivity, each feeling they have an honorable cause and it isn't a "who's religion is right" story. It's a fascinating look at a historical period.

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