Saturday, January 24, 2009

Criss Cross (Young Adult Challenge 2009 #6 of 12)

"The trouble with being too careful about your wishes, though, was that you could end up with a wish so shapeless that it could come true and you wouldn't even know it, or it wouldn't matter." So thinks Debbie as she is wishing that something good would happen. Something her...soon. And thus begins Lynn Rae Perkin's Newbery Award winning novel about the interconnectedness of lives, opportunities grasped, and chances missed.

The story weaves in and out through the lives of Debbie and Hector and to a lesser extent Phil, Lenny, and Patty. All of them good, young teenage kids trying to figure themselves out. Debbie likes Dan the jock who is dating Meadow who Hector has developed a crush on. Hector is learning how to play the guitar but isn't able to get much past the chorus of the songs he's trying to write himself. Debbie befriends and old German lady and helps her remain independant for a little longer. Criss Cross is a realistic, optimistic look at the lives of teenagers and reminds all of us that things usually sort of work out in the end.

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