Sunday, January 4, 2009

Protector of the Small - First Test

First Test, by Tamora Pierce, is set in the Kingdom of Tortall, the site of the Alanna the Lioness books and the Trickster books. It is a really interesting kingdom with immortals, both good and bad, living alongside humans some with and some without magical powers. Alanna the Lioness was the first woman knight, and she became so by hiding her sex until she had proven herself. With her success, a law was passed that allowed girls to train to become knights. No one had ever tried - until Keladry of Midenlan arrived. She has few friends when she arrives and many enemies. The Training Master wants nothing more than to get rid of her but Kel is determined to become a knight and to do so, she must first be get through page training.

I liked Kel - a tough girl. One with real emotions and doubts about herself but she possessed a stubbornness to prove herself and a noble spirit. She wants to protect others and she is willing to do so at the expense of her own physical safety. I look forward to reading the rest of this series.

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