Sunday, March 15, 2009

North of Beautiful (YA Romance 2009 #1 of 6)

Terra Cooper. A tall blonde with a great body and a port-wine stain that covers her right cheek. She hides it as best she can with makeup but it's hard for people not to notice. Unfortunately one of the people who continues to notice is her father - a verbally abusive and hateful person who I had an almost physical reaction to when I was reading his cutting remarks to his daughter and wife. Terra's boyfriend Erik is a good guy who cares about Terra but doesn't seem to really know her. Enter Jacob, an adopted boy from China who dresses like a goth and sees right through Terra's skin.

Oh did I LOVE this book. There is fabulous chemistry between Jacob and Terra. Terra is such a complex and interesting girl. There are some really fantastic cartographic themes and references in Justina Chen Headley's novel, a different approach that seemed to fit Terra just right. It is an exploration of beauty and confidence and the limits we put on ourselves. Did I mention that I loved it?

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