Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tamora Pierce's sequel to First Test was fun. Kel is, as the title suggests, a page on her way to becoming a squire. She is only the second girl to try and the only girl who wasn't pretending to be a boy during her training. Kel has some fantastic friends including one, Neal, on whom she is developing a bit of a crush. But Joren and his friends are still not over Kel getting into what they believe is men's business and they are willing to put people in danger to make sure Kel does not pass her final examinations.

This book, like the first, isn't particuarly thought provoking or fantastically written, but I like Kel and I want to know how things are going to turn out for her. She has flaws that she is trying to overcome and a sense of justice that is admirable. My only problem is that in this book she is a young teen, only barely 12 at the beginning and maybe 14 at the end. But she doesn't seem that young. Her voice is much older I think. I like her voice, but usually I forget that she is supposed to be so young.

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