Friday, April 24, 2009

Aurelie - A Faerie Tale (Once Upon a Time III #2 of 5)

When Loic the river drac rubbed his magic ointment into the eyes of his three human friends, Netta, Aurelie, and Garin, they were able to see the Fae - the dangerous creatures of the world ususally invisible. But the Fae do not want to be seen - and though the three promised to never tell, one of them broke that promise to save another and the consequence of that action changed all three of them.

Fast forward two years. Aurelie is the main focus of the story. She is the heir to the throne of Jocondagne, a country on the brink of war with Skoe, Garin's native country and current home. With Aurelie's mother dead, she must play a part in diplomatic negotiations with Skoe and the high ranking female officer named Jacinthe Inglis who has her sights on obtaining Jacondagne's throne through her son's marriage to Aurelie. Aurelie is not thrilled with this, her heart still belongs to Garin.

The story is told through three first person narrators (Garin, Loic, and Netta) and through a 3rd person narrator telling Aurelie's story. I read this in just a couple of hours and quite liked it. The characters were spunky and the plot moved quickly. A fun romance and a good original faerie tale.

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