Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lady Knight

So at last Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small quartet has come to an end. And the sad thing is, I liked the third book much better. Kel is now a knight and a battle with Scanra is imminent. While she has her assignments from the king, in the third book she was shown a vision in the Chamber of the Ordeal (the final test before knighthood) of a man who was creating killing machines by using the lives of children. She is trying to be a loyal knight while at the same time fulfills what she sees to be her destiny.

I am not sure exactly why this book fell flat. In the third book Kel was having some interesting relationships with other squires and in this book nothing. Not a hint of romance. She kind of swears off men. Lame. There was much more fighting and I found myself kind of flipping pages to get to the conclusions which was very good by the way. But definitely not my favorite Tamora Pierce book.

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