Monday, May 25, 2009

Galway Bay

Mary Pat Kelly's novel about an Irish family that immigrates to Chicago seemed to be a great fit for my grandfather's family were Irish immigrants that settled in Chicago. The story of Honora Kelly begins when she was Honora Keeley...a young girl about to enter a convent. But then she meets Michael Kelly and her whole world shifts. Honora's story is one of love, family, and survival. The novel is set beginning in 1839, several years before the Great Famine and ends in 1893 at the World's Fair in Chicago. Honora is a strong woman who loves her husband and children. She survived the "Hard Times" where her family literally almost starved to death. As a parent, reading about the years of the blight ripped my heart out. But still, the Kelly's never gave up. I loved the story telling though I have to admit there were so many children between Honora and her sister Maire that I got a bit confused between them. I really enjoyed it though.

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