Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snow White and Rose Red (Once Upon a Time III #3 of 5)

I originally had this book as my last YA Romance books but before I could write my review I read a way better romance so I'll do that one instead. I like Patricia Wrede...I liked the Enchanted Forest Chronicles and the Sorcery and Cecelia books. This one was well written too...but the story didn't really capture me as other retold fairy tales have. It was a fairy tale I hadn't actually heard before, about two half mortal half faerie brothers who get into trouble (one of them is actually turned into a bear) and are helped out by two sisters. The tale is supposed to be set in a "magical Elizabethan England" but I didn't know enough about that time period for that historical setting to matter much. There was an interesting interplay of Christianity with Faerie and I did like that part. I wanted there to be more romance in the story than there guess it that the lack of it was due to the historical setting. It wasn't a bad story certainly, but not one of my favorites.

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