Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Harrowing the Dragon (Once Upon a Time III #5 of 5)

This book looked intriguing to me because I loved Patricia McKillip's The Riddlemaster. Harrowing the Dragon is a collection of fifteen of McKillip's short stories. Fourteen of them follow a fantasy/fairy tale/magical type theme but one of them, about what happens after Romeo and Juliet die (entitled Star-Crossed) seemed a bit out of place. My favorites were "The Fellowship of the Dragon" and "The Lion and the Lark." I am always impressed by those who can tell a good short story. Somehow the author must find a way to make you care about the character in just a few pages and certainly the plot must unfold quickly. It was interesting reading this after having only read The RiddleMaster which was a HUGE book. McKillip is a talented storyteller.

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