Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tell Me if the Lovers Are Losers

In general, I love Cynthia Voigt. On Fortune's Wheel and Elkse are two of my favorite books and I remember reading Dicey's Song and the Homecoming when I was younger. I wasn't super impressed with this one though. It is the story of three girls who are beginning college - Ann, Niki, and Hildy. The three are roommates and all have quite different backgrounds and personalities. The one thing (besides their room) that throws them together is playing volleyball. There was an interesting ethical situation in concerning plagerism but I just didn't fall in love with any of the charcacters. Ann was kind of a wus, Niki was a brat, and Hildy was better but I couldn't get a good feel for her. Anyway, I picked up for the "V" author on my A-Z challenge but I wouldn't pick it up again.

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