Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life as We Knew It (End of the World Challenge II #1 of 4)

Susan Beth Pfeffer scared the daylights out of me. This book was not gory, not ax murder terrifying, I don't know what words to use exactly. The book is Miranda's journal. She is a sophmore in high school being a typical self-absorbed teenager. However, things change a bit when a meteor hits the moon and knocks it out of its orbit, closer to earth.

Then come the disasters. Floods, volcanos, a long winter caused by ash in the sky. Miranda, her two brothers, and her parents must try to figure out how to survive on what they managed to get before the stores ran out of food, the gas stations ran out of gas, and the hospital ran out of medicine.

My reaction to this book is different than it would be if I was a teenager. In this book, I was Miranda's mother - I was the one trying to hold my family together and make us survive. I wanted to slap Miranda sometimes for being a teenager, but that's what made the book real. She didn't turn into a superhero, she grew and changed in a way that made sense, that was honest. It made me want to get my emergency supplies ready just in case. I am reviewing this book nearly a month after I read it and I still think about it. How would I live, how would I help my children live through this kind of disaster? I just don't know.

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