Friday, July 10, 2009


Laurel has always been a little strange...all she really likes to drink is Sprite, she is never hot or cold, and she can't ever remember bleeding. Her parents had always homeschooled her until, at fifteen, Laurel starts going to high school. Then things get really weird. She meets David, a sweet guy who she begins to be interested in but then she sprouts a flower from her back, meets handsome Tamani who tells her that she's actually a fairy, and finds out that her DNA shows that she's actually a plant.

I listened to this on my Ipod (by Aprilynne Pike) and I liked it well enough. A different fairy mythology than any I have read about before. The typical but sweet love triangle between Laurel and her two suitors was satisfying. Sort of very tame urban fantasy. I think it was just good. Not fabulous, but enough to keep me occupied when driving between Maryland and New York.

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