Thursday, August 6, 2009

Liberation: Being the Adventures of the Slick Six After the Collapse of the United States of America (End of the World II Challenge #2 of 4)

My brother Chris told me I should read this book. It had been on my TBR shelf for a while but when the End of the World Challenge II came up it fit perfectly.

Brian Slattery has created a United States that has collapsed...a United States that has returned to slavery, that is no longer unified but partitioned into regions, none with a true rule of law. Marco, one of the members of the criminal gang known as the "Slick Six," breaks out of prison and attempts to reunite his group and fix (or begin to fix) the disaster the United States has become.

The alarming thing about this novel is its plausability. Not necessarily the characters, but the result of social and economic collapse doesn't seem that far fetched. It was difficult to read at first because the author switches the character being focused on without any sort of all. Just a new paragraph and all of the sudden you're in a new place with a new person. It threw me for a while but I got used to it and it wasn't too bad after that. It was a heavy many things happening, almost all of them horribly sad. People sell themselves into slavery so they won't starve, people live their lives completely high so they don't have to deal with the reality around them. Thrown in with all of this damage and chaos is a bit of the supernatural as well. It is a terrifying end of the world idea.

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