Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Wings of a Falcon by Cynthia Voigt

The Wings of a Falcon is a novel of the Kingdom. Others include On Fortune's Wheel, Jackaroo, and Elske. This book definitely takes place after On Fortune's Wheel and I am not sure where Elske fits in on the timeline...

The main character does not have a name until about page 70 or so which was a bit disconcerting at first. But part of the fun of this book for me was seeing how it correlated to On Fortune's Wheel and that book has much to do with the name "he" takes for himself, Oriel. The story starts out so violent and sad that I almost stopped reading it. On and island of only boys and one man called the Damall, life is cruel and hard. The Damall takes special pleasure in whipping the boys, terrifying them, setting them against eachother, and selling them into slavery. Not a really fun first fifty pages. If I didn't like the Kingdom stories so much and had faith that it would get better I really would have put it down. But I was right and the story is good.

Oriel and his very loyal friend Grif escape their horrid life on the island going no where but away. Oriel is a tough nut to crack sometimes. He is a good man mostly but definitely has his moments, like we all do, of not being his best self. There was quite a bit of adventure and things certainly moved quickly. I like Voigt's writing, a decent read.

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