Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Princess Ben (YA Romance Challenge #2)

Because I loved Dairy Queen so much, I thought I would try another one by Catherine Murdock. Princess Ben's parents were killed under mysterious and tragic circumstances and she becomes an important pawn in the royal marriage game. Princess Ben is not a typical princess. She has lived with her parents outsidse the palace and has had no training about life at court. She is admittedly overweight and completely non-fashionablel. And she isn't interested at all in changing.

After her parents die she is forcibly moved into the palace and is"tutored" by Queen Sophia, her aunt who Princess Ben hates with a blazing passion. When Sophia punishes what she sees as Ben's insolance by locking her in a tiny out of the way room, Ben discovers a passageway to a room that contains the things she needs to learn magic.

Another element in the story is the threat of takeover from a neighboring kingdom and Ben's hatred of Florian, its prince. There were some fun twists in this story. The end completely surprised me. I think Ben dwelt a little bit too much on her weight and really was kind of a brat sometimes but the story is about how she grows up and takes upon her the responsibility of being royalty and I liked how that change took place. I wish there was a bit more romance but I I always want a bit more romance. Still, it was fun.

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