Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging

Georgia Nicholson is 14, has a psychotic cat named Angus, a little sister, and is the writer of a diary that had me literally laughing out loud. For starters, I think British slang is hysterical. The word "prat" immediately comes to mind along with its friends "tosser" and "swot." Oh yes. Anyway, Georgia and her friend Jas are trying to figure out the boys in their life, their out of touch parents, and school. Typical high school stuff but seriously hilarious when told by Georgia. At the end is a Georgia-written glossary of terms.

"Stroppy - Stroppy is a very useful expression and is in a state in between having a nervy b (nervous breakdown) and a tantrum. For instance you would get stroppy or "throw a strop" if your mum would not let you borrow her Chanel handbag for no reason other than she says you wouild lose it. You would not quite have a nervy b because it is after all just a handbag. However you are perfectly entitled to get stroppy if you can't have something you want."

That's just a bit of the fun that's in this book by Louise Rennison.

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