Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking for Alaska

Miles can't stand life in Florida. While not having any friends may have influenced his decision to attend Cluver Creek Boarding School in Alabama, what Miles truly wants is to seek "a Great Perhaps." What he finds is Alaska, a crazy, funny, moody, beautiful girl who throws him completely for a loop. Caught in the middle of rivalries, classes, and rules, Miles tries to find his place at Culver Creek and with his roommate the Colonel, his friend Takumi, and Alaska he thinks he has. But Alaska may be more than Miles bargained for.

John Green gives his main characters funny quirks - Miles' is the ability to recall people's last words. It's not Miles only quirk but it's a good one. Another quirk is the division of the book - there are no chapters. The book begins "one hundred thirty-six days before" and ends with "one hundred thirty-six days after." What Miles hears at day 0 he will never forget.

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