Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Hunger Games (Y.A. Challenge #3 of 12)

I have to say, I always thought that whole "I couldn't put the book down" cliche was a bit overdone. That said, I literally could not put this book by Suzanne Collins down. I picked it up and ended up not getting up off my bed for the next however many hours. This is why.

Katniss lives in a dangerous time and place. Her home is in the Twelfth District of Panem, the country that is now where North America used to be. The dictatorial and brutal Capitol of Panem holds an annual "Hunger Games" to keep its outlying districts in check. The Hunger Games are a televised fight to the death consisting of 24 teenagers who are trapped in an arena filled with dangers other than the other contestants. The last man or woman standing is the victor.

Katniss is tough. She wants to live. She has a mother and sister and best friend and isn't going to go down easily. But she also wants to somehow maintain her humanity in an incredibly desperate and frightening situation. The other contestant from Twelfth District is Peeta, a boy who at one point saved Katniss and her family from starvation. How can she bring herself to kill him? How can she let herself be killed by him?

Wow this book had me absolutely hooked. I will say, and thank you Corinne for warning me about this fact, the end of Hunger Games is not the end of the story. There is definitely that to-be-continued ending. And I can't wait to read on.


bethany said...

I really want to read this! really bad. I shouldn't even think of adding more books to my piles though! :)

stacey @ bookthirty said...

Everyone has me so excited about this book that I finally got the copy from my library.

But everyone also has me so scared to read it ('cause I know I won't be able to stop) that it's been hard for me to pick a day to "sacrifice" to it. :) Some day soon, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Great review! I have been reading so many good things about this book.

MssJos said...

Catching Fire comes out in September! Can't wait!