Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raising the Griffin (Young Adult Challenge 2009 #4 of 12)

Sixteen year old Alex Varenhoff's life is pretty good - new school, time to ride his horse Drummer. But it takes what for him is a horrible turn when he finds out that his father, an exile member of the Rovenian royal family (Rovenia is an former USSR type country that had been run for decades by the Communists), has been restored to his throne. Alex is told he is moving to Rovenia to take his place as Prince. He's not thrilled. In a typical teenage boy way, he sees everything only in the ways his life is effected by it. He fights with his parents, gets involved with the wrong kind of girl, and antagonizes the people who want to help him because he's irritated with his new, more responsible role. If this weren't enough, returning to a country in transition can be dangerous.

I wish there was a sequel out for this book. It feel like the end did not finish off the story well enough. The major plot twist was actually really unexpected and I will avoid a spoiler there by saying nothing else. A fun and fast read by Melissa Wyatt.


Anonymous said...

Eight more and you are are ripping right through this. I would love to borrow some of your energy. :)

bethany said...

wow, you are a YA reading machiene!!! You and your sister both, I hardly ever get a chance to read YA, but I am looking forward to reading The Book Thief, which is labeled YA, soon.

I enjoyed your review, and am curious now about the twist in the plot! :)

Thanks for telling me that tom is your hubby!! I liked the comment and checked out the links, but sometimes a blog can be shut down if you have spam coments because they have hidden links in them that will get your blog flagged. The recommendations have much more value to me knowing who they are from, that is why I tryed to follow onto his blog. I would love to read it, if he is willing. But either way, I will have to check out those books he recommended. I really want to read the ones with a positive and ballanced portrayal. I live in VERY extreme liberal area and need that.

Thanks again for visiting me :)