Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Bonemender Trilogy

I am not sure if blogging these all at once is a cop-out or not, but I'm doing it anyway because I read them all three in a row and so they're all kind of meshed in my mind. And wow were they fun. Holly Bennett's trilogy about a girl who has the amazing talent of being able to heal people from the inside out has lots of those great fantasy elements - elves, war, strange creatures, and lots of action.

Gabrielle is in her late twenties, well past the time a royal girl is usually married with children - but she hasn't fallen in love and luckily her parents will not force her to wed. Her job as a healer (this is in addition to being a princess) brings her a great deal of satisfaction and happiness. But when an injured elf and his friend Feolan arrive at her house, Gabrielle is immediately drawn to Feolan. This is rather unfortunate because Feolan will live for hundreds of years...Gabrielle will not. When a war between the Gref Orise (the bad guys) and the people of Verdeau erupts, Gabrielle and Feolan will fight for their homes and her lives.

The second and third books, The Bonemender's Oath and The Bonemender's Choice, the stories are divided between Gabrielle and other charcters. In Oath, Gabrielle's brother Tristan has his own storyline as they continue to deal with the Gref Orise problem. In Choice, Gabrielle's niece and nephew are abducted by pirates and she, and other members of her family, set out on a rescue mission which is complicated by a horrendous plague that strikes the port of harbor the pirates have sailed into.

None of the three books is very long, the second is only 170ish pages. If you want to read the series, grab all three.

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