Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ah Mr. Paolini, why oh why does there have to be a fourth book. Don't get me wrong, I love the Inheritance Cycle, but I don't want to wait years to hear the end of the story. So I will have to content myself for now with what I've got.

**If you haven't read the first two just be warned that there are spoilers here...there is just no other way to review this book than to discuss things that have happened in previous books.

After the massive battle on the Burning Plains at the end of Book 2, Eragon promises Roran to rescue Katrina, his fiance from the Ra'zac. Not only that, but now that he knows that Murtagh has a dragon and is sworn to King Galbatorix, he wants to return to Ellsemere to talk to Oromis and he has to make sure that Orik manages to be crowned King of the Dwarves so that the Varden doesn't crumble. Yeah, lots happening. But some of the scenes truly drag on. The part where the Dwarves counsel meets to elect a king takes forever. But some good ends were tied up in book 3. Now the wait for book 4.

One of the things that doesn't quite fly with me in Paolini's books is the dialogue. I mean, it's very beautiful and sounds lovely but it is not the kind of language that anyone actually uses. Especially not a teenage farmboy with practically no education. I mean Eragon spends some time with the elves, but some of it was a bit over the top.

**Just so you know, I had to look up the spelling of all these crazy names because I listened to the audiobook. Sigh.**

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LOL! I hate to wait too. :)