Monday, February 23, 2009

Double Helix

I loved Nancy Werlin's Impossible so much that I wanted to give another one of her books a try. I don't think this one was as fantastic as the other one but it definitely brought up some serious and fascinating bio ethical issues.

Eli doesn't have the best relationship with his parents. His mother's is not the fault of either of them, she has Huntington's disease (which has no treatment or cure) and in a nursing home. Eli's and his dad have some pretty significant dysfunction going on. Eli knows his dad is keeping secrets from him about his mom and about Dr. Wyatt, the head of Wyatt Transgenics where Eli has recently landed a job. Consequently, he shuts his dad out of every part of his life he can - especially the part which contains his girlfriend Viv. But as Eli continues his work at Wyatt Transgenics, the silence from his dad the odd hints from Dr. Wyatt cause Eli to wonder about the circumstances surrounding his birth and what it all has to do with his mother's debilitating disease.

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