Monday, February 23, 2009

How I Live Now (Book Awards II Challenge #7 of 10)

When Corinne saw this in my car on my way to the gym she said, "You'll read that in one day." She was right. Meg Rosoff's Printz Award winning novel was completely engaging. Daisy, a fifteen year old from New York, moves to England to live with her Aunt and cousins. They live on a farm in the country and things seem to be pretty idealic...but then a war begins. England is invaded by "The Enemy." There are no telling details about this particular enemy just that it has taken over. This is when things get scary for Daisy and her cousins. Daisy and her younger cousin Piper end up being sent away, seperated from Edmund (her cousin who oddly enough she has fallen in love with who she is having a serious relationship) and her other male cousins. As the war progresses, Daisy ends up having to do things she never thought she would have to do. I won't go into too many specifics but How I Live Now is a survival story and Daisy is absolutely determined to survive.

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