Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Possibilities of Sainthood

Someone give Donna Freitas a prize for writing such a fabulous chick fluff book. Seriously, this was such a fun YA. Enough emotion to not be flat but without a surfeit of seriuos drama, fantastic romance, lovely protagonist. Just good times.

Antonia Lucia Labella (can you tell she's Italian?) wants to be a saint - an official Catholic Saint. She believes that "Saints are simply the height of Cathlic sophistication." She has all kinds of great ideas as for which saint she could be: Patron Saint of Figs and Fig Trees, Patron Saint of People Who Make Pasta, and her favorite, Patron Saint of The First Kiss and Kissing. This last one is because Antonia hasn't had one yet. Antonia has a prayer to a saint for just about every occasion. They bring her comfort and a way to focus on what she needs and ask for help. And she needs help a lot. She's trying to get through Catholic High School, attract the attention of Andy Rotellini, and get rid of the attention of Michael McGinnis...who she has to admit is rather attractive. She has a demanding mother (who she loves and can't stand in equal measure) and her father passed away years ago. She also has evil cousins and a school with an irritating dress code. But Antonia will figure out a way, with or without sainthood.

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Anonymous said...

This is on my wish list. Your review makes me want to read it even more!