Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Shape of Mercy

This is a book by Susan Meissner about how we see people and how we see ourselves. It is about the judgements we make and relationships we form. The lies we tell and the truths we try to find.

Lauren comes from a wealthy family. She tries not to take advantage of it, going to a state college instead of an expensive private one and working part time even though her parents give her whatever she needs. Lauren's part time job is translating a diary of a girl who lived in Salem during the witch trials. As she reads Mercy's story, Lauren begins to see the people in her life differently and consequently to see herself differently.

This really was a compelling read. Lauren is a good girl and tries to do the right thing but has a lot to learn about herself. Abigail, the owner of the diary, also has secrets and a past that she sometimes shares with Lauren and other times she completely closes herself off. The ending is unexpected and made me look at myself at how I view other people. And I think that is one of the marks of a good book.

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Jeanette said...

I have not seen this book before. It sounds very interesting. Thanks.