Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rapunzel's Revenge

What a riot. This graphic novel by Shannon and Deal Hale (illustrated by another Hale, Nathan this time) was so fun. An absolutely new look at a long-haired heroine and the woman who kept her captive. Rapunzel lived in a villa with her mother, Gothel, her whole life, never seeing what was beyond the wall that surrounded it. But when she was twelve she chanced looking out and for that she was banished to a hole in the trunk of an incredibly tall tree. It is in there that Rapunzel's hair grows to rope lengthh and she uses it as a lasso/whip. She needs no prince to escape her tower but meets a boy named Jack who is on the run and the two of them link up by necessity at first rather than desire. But it is through their friendship and adventures together that Rapunzel learns what she needs to to take her revenge on Mother Gothel.

Seriously, if you have any desire to try graphic novels if you haven't, you should try this one. The art is awesome, the story is original and full of action. I hope they do another one!

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