Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Need (YA Romance 2009 #3 of 6)

If it wasn't for the pixies in this book it would almost be too Twilight for me. A girl moves to a freezing town in the north (Maine in this case) to live with a person she hardly ever sees (her grandmother in this case) and catches the eye of a boy who doesn't give other girls much attention. Zara moves to Maine after her dad's death and becomes so depressed that her mom sends her away for a change of scenery. However, there is serious weirdness happening in Zara's new town. She feels like someone is following her and some of the kids at school detest each other more than normal. Zara also has a few issues, she's obsessed with phobias and also saving the world. That all said, the ending was pretty original and I did like it. Need (by Carrie Jones) isn't on my favorites list in the YA romance/urban fantasy genre though.

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