Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The third book of the Protector of the Small quartet by Tamora Pierce ran right along like the first two did only it was even more fun because there was some good romance in this one. Kel, is now a squire to Lord Raoul who rides with the King's Own. Lord Raoul is determined to help Kel become a knight and teaches her all he can. At the end of her year being a squire Kel must enter the Chamber of the Ordeal, a magical room which has killed several squires and driven others mad but as always, Kel is fully determined to get the job done. She experiences war and love as never before and by the end of the novel she has a clear job to do.

As with the previous two books, sometimes I feel like time, which has been moving slowly, suddenly flies by in a sort of jerky way. It isn't enough to make me not like the story but it was enough that I noticed it again. Still, I am looking forward to reading the next and final book in the series.

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